Thursday, March 26, 2009


so what happened was we were in thailand and we needed a place to move into when we got back to new zealand, so Jonno happened to be leaving his flat at the same time we were getting back, so we were able to negotiate getting it, but the only thing was the flat was for sale, though they didn't think it would sell for a while, so we got back and moved in and then a week later it was sold! so we were given the standard 42 days to GET OUT! We looked and looked and looked for weekends and weeks, which is pretty taxing when you're taking busses and a baby, but finally we found a flat 3minutes from creche, 5 minutes from university and 15 minutes from work. Whoo! there were hella people checking it out, but the next day we got an email saying we were successful! Yay. because we were getting tired of walking 10-15 minutes to catch the bus so early in the morning to get Abacus to creche and to get to work and university, and investing so much in leaving the house, knowing there was no going back for anything forgotten, unless you wanted to spend so long getting back to the house. It was a nice flat though, a nice view, and nice sun and the layout was a good use of space and I'm really happy we had it, but we can't wait to settle into our new place.

Last night we were making Abacus giggle hysterically. It was so cute. And the neuro therapist brought her a chair thing to help her sit up, Danielle aptly said it was like some woodshop students project, a pretty severely made wooden device, but it has a little table for her to play with things and she seems to like it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

another blog ? yep!

remember me? i was writing a regular blog there for a while. so we're back but have not completely adjusted to life on our weather beaten strip of land. abacus is going to creche 3 times a week. She seems to love it very much, there are a few other babies she hangs with and she seems very happy there. It seems it is also exhausting, she d been going there only a couple of days before she finally slept through the night, and not just through the night, she slept for 13 hours straight! She continued sleeping pretty well, she still wakes up sometimes but doesn't need feeding and can put herself back to sleep after a few minutes of crying, her thumb has become a replacement for her dummy when one is not around.