Wednesday, July 25, 2012

to think it happened on The Parade

We were stuck in most of the various roadworks around Wellington. Every route Abacus and I took was unfinished, as though writer's block was stalling the story of our ride home. Aba was due a toilet break, there was one near the supermarket we were going to and I was probably only making her think more about it by encouraging her to hold on, as we sat idle in the 5 o' clock traffic clot.

We had to park two blocks away from the supermarket and walk and when we finally make it to the public toilet - which was the epitome of 'last resort' - it was occupied and its occupant stayed inside a very long time. As we waited and waited a lady came running up to join us. I noticed she was holding a cash box and looked up to see her bus parked on the main road with its hazard lights flashing and knew I'd have to let her go ahead.

A guy finally emerged from the toilet and left quickly without meeting anyone's eyes.  I let the bus driver go ahead of course and for the brief moment she was in  there, a boy of 8 or so appeared beside us. He said 'I've been drinking coke over there at the restaurant and I REALLY need to pee!' I had to refuse his plea and explain that Abacus had been holding on a LONG time. The bus driver left seconds after entering saying - "Oh good, it's a mess!" and a look she gave exaggerated her disgust and she continued to mumble her revulsion as she walked back to her bus.

I sighed and we entered. The toilet was full of toilet paper and looked backed up. 'You can't go here.' I said more to myself than Abacus. As we exited we warned the boy but he went in regardless and I realised that Aba would have to too.

So we waited again.

The boy emerged after a while, saying the 'stand up toilet still works, she could use that.' I thanked him with a smile and we entered. Aba had to brave the 21st century toilet that functioned worse than its medieval counterpart and after she was done and we opened the door to leave - as though something watching us knew we needed an ending to our story, something to tie it all up - the toilet flushed by itself.