Tuesday, August 12, 2008

don't try the formula

so we tried some of her formula, and it's nasty, i don't know how she drinks that stuff. I did some eye and head tracking exercises with her high contrast flash cards and she did really well, even holding her head centered for a while. You just have to catch her when she's all chillaxed, we also noticed that she seems to favour looking to one side when she's laying down, so I've tried a few things like orienting her play mat so that she practices looking other places.

That's about all that happened. Her hair's getting a we bit darker and she looks cuter and cuter with her face getting round and plump.

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brenda said...

hehehe - I did too! what's good (the only thing good) about the hideous taste of formula - is that when you run out of milk....well.....it takes sort of ok in coffee.
not really. but it's better than nothin.