Friday, December 26, 2008

so um. the internet was down for two days or so.

now we have moved guest houses.

more later.


atmosphrericks said...


i knew abacus wouldnt comply with your regime. i think im part psychic... like an 16th or something.

im in levin tonight. i make for wellington tomorrow. the headwind is icky. but i found $20 just out of bulls and $10 out of foxton. this buys my nutriments for the journeys.

i bet you dont even want me to write my blog as a comment on yours, but yours was so empty i needed to fill it.

ive decided that my characters are going to interact metaphorically like paper/scissors/rock. how that works will be a mystery.

ok. i hope your new house has less annoying kiwis at it.

Anonymous said...

it would be ok if your blog on my blog wasn't more interesting. but i guess it did save mine from oblivion, i guess you can make guest appearances.