Sunday, February 22, 2009

new zealand

i ve written things, it all gets a bit this happened then this then that, so i've not posted them.

What happened was we got home and it was raining and cold.

On a bus a couple of days later the driver said, "You'll need to ask someone to vacate their seat to put the pushchair there, but it's not my responsibility, you'll have to ask yourself, it's not my job." "um, ok?"
A couple of people gratiously got up, one lady frowned at us, didn't budge, frowned the whole bus ride, got off frowning. People walked with push chairs covered in plastic, like little collectable dolls too afraid to take them out of the pack, wide footpaths everywhere, one or two people on them, everything looked sterile everyone looked cold, stoic, unwelcoming. A couple of people said hello and  smiled at Abacus, went up to her and made faces, they were Asian. The people between us and our friends seemed like props, with whom it was impossible to become spontaneously friendly. 

It was good to see people we knew again, but we missed Mae Sot as the setting.

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Anonymous said...

wellington sucks for babies. we always get alot of smiles from asian people and middle aged white men (go figure, maybe they are smiling at me? wink wink?)

the young asian guy at the star mart always gushes, cute baby! and the indian guy at the dairy who seems to hate me always plays peekaboo when i stop in with him in the carrier. but the women that comment on koen just want to know how i lost my baby weight. they dont even make eye contact with him!