Thursday, November 29, 2012

The part where Aba is ready for school

So we're already at the part of the blog where Abacus is choosing a school, can you believe it? She had a visit to Owhiro Bay School and seemed pretty relaxed there. She told the principal that she was four and wanted to go play in the park.

The school is extremely small, only 120 students. We like the idea that she won't get lost there amongst the crowd, that she can find her place. The other school we were considering has about 500 students and 4 new entrance programs that all funnel into a year 1 class the next year. Owhiro has one new entrance class that increases from about 10 to 15 students by the end of the year, which we think would be better for Abacus.

Owhiro seems relaxed and accommodating, where as the principal at the other school wears a suit all the time. It's like, "Hey bro, why're you wearing a suit? You're a primary school principal." (To paraphrase Danielle) But that seems to sum up the vibe I get from there. They have all the latest technology, all the students get emails addresses from day 1, for some reason... They have big screen TVs in their fancy gym for their exercise program in the mornings and laptops and i-fads and all the other clutter of modernity. Their motto even has the word management in it. It looks like - from my brief interaction with the place - an incubator of tomorrows corporates.

Owhiro Bay just feels relaxed and welcoming. It has amazing fields and surrounding hills and the drive/bike ride there in the morning will be passed one of the most beautiful coastlines I know. We are excited for this next part of Abacus's life. We're trying to get Lucia into the Kindergarten at the school too, so  they can be together. The older kids get to teach kids at the kindergarten which sounds fun and there's many activities and responsibilities I could see Abacus enjoying; librarian, kapahaka (She is one of the most fluent te reo singers and counters at her creche :) )

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Nice post about Abacus.

Joan said...

It sounds like the school you chose is warm and inviting as well as small classes which I'm personally for. Have fun in your new school Abacus!