Sunday, December 23, 2012


Lucia waits on the footpath by the car as I chase Abacus down the road, I don't need to tell her to, she just stands there patiently waiting for us to return, it's just a usual part of her life.She doesn't try to emulate what Abacus does and she doesn't necesarilly think that what Abacus does is bad/different, it's just what Aba does.

Aba and Lucia are climbing out of the pool and jumping back in and I'm catching them, before Abacus decides to climb out and run away. I say something to Lucia like don't move - but I don't really need to say anything because I know she'll wait there patiently, at just 2 years old while I bring Abacus back. She just patiently waits.

Lucia is screaming outside.I go out to see her holding Abacus by the shirt as Aba has learned to open the front gate, and she's crying and pleading "Don't go on the road Aba!"

Lucia and I are pretending to talk on the phone while Aba's at creche, I ask "How are you today?" "Um, a bit sad." "Oh, why?" I'm genuinely surprised because we've been happily playing to this point. "Um, I miss my sister."

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