Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a new year

so a year of life a year of parenting a. of course its all documented here. from the 1.5 kilo fetus that joined the world and lived for a month in a plastic box before venturing out onto foreign shores while all the while developing a personality that was all her own.

in some ways it seems it couldn't possibly have been a year and in others it seems as though all of this couldn't possibly have fit into a single year.

one feeling though, that is a little unusual is the idea that i feel as though a year has passed, that i stand with some sense of perspective, a point of reference to reflect upon. i've never before got to new years day or my birthday and felt as though a new year stood before me, an old one behind, it was an arbitrary date, but i feel now as though everything is meausered out from that day. We could almost make it a new years day, being 2 months premature it's not really a true marker of her progress as reflected by age (a point of relevence up until the age of 5 apparently), so maybe we could celebrate her birthday on June 26th and save this day as something extra, i think we all deserve it. hehe. 

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