Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i have completely neglected this site and flickr for tooooooo long!

abacus had her annual heart appointment the other day, we took the bus out in the rain and found our way too quickly and easilly to the cardio rooms in the new hospital, which looks now like a real hospital and not like some menacing soviet era place of suffering, and so were stuck with half an hour between us and her appointment, which would stretch to 45 until we were seen. In the mean time Abacus brought smiles to all the other uneasy people waiting for their own exams in the waiting room, she chirped happily and smiled cheekily and snuck glances at everyone around her, and i read her a book and in the book it had p is for pants, and aside from the obvious joke, it was accompanied by an illustration of pete showing poly his new pants, and he was holding out the front of them and he and polly with broad grins were both looking down the front of petes new pants. hrmmm. in the same book it had tom tripping, and with an absence of any reference to ground, the illustration rendered tom floating through space with toys floating around him, tom trips indeed. i don't know what kind of book this was supposed to be. 

Abacus' was about 15 minutes overdue for her nap when I carried her tiredly rubbing her eyes onto the hospital bed, the contact between the ultra sound wand and her impatiently tired scream were instant and so the sonographer went in search of toys while I quickly made her a bottle of milk in the hand washing sink. The bright flashing millipede only intensified her anguish but she sucked soothingly on the bottle and settled immediately without another peep, suspiciously pacifying herself with her milk while she watched with interest, her own heart in granular resolution, and listened to the mechanical beats accompanying it like some vj drum and bass show. 

The sonographers of course are not allowed to tell you anything, but I heard in a quiet conversation between them, they mention "turbulance", Danielle later translated this to mean the murmor is still present. We have a pediatrician appointment soon, which is when we find the results of such tests, but we are still hopeful the ASD will heal itself within the next 4 years. 

Aside from that Abacus is just going from strength to strength, she sits now like she could always do it, she plays with her toys, rolls around to get to them, she gorges herself on bread and loves marmite with avocado and loves peanut butter, she's happy to see us when we pick her up from creche or when we come home. She talks in her baby language almost non-stop and she seems to get cuter and cuter!


Anonymous said...

flikr still looks neglected.

abacus' parents said...

hey one thing at a time!