Monday, September 1, 2008

it's amazing how much progress abacus has made in the three weeks since her last neurodevelopmental (N.D) therapy visit. Her neck control has continued to improve, being able to track us as we walk passed her, holding her head centered, how she stares at us and pulls objects to her mouth, how she's started smiling and cooing. The ND therapist (michelle) was really impressed with it all. I'd had to rouse abacus from her sleep for the visit, she slept well, 8 hours or so. The cutest moment came when michelle put te wheke (maori for octopus) on top of her little gym so as not to distract abacus while she was shown a smiley face rattle, but it had the opposite effect, you see abacus LOVES te wheke, she's always staring at it and bashing it round, so when she saw it suddenly looking down on her instead of dangling for her to bash, she was completely captivated by the novelty and stared at it excitedly, kicking and thrashing her arms with wide eyes and making noises. It was really cute!

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