Sunday, September 7, 2008

a perfect day

on sunday the weather was beautiful so we went to take abacus on her first swimming adventure at the kilbernie pools, what s awesome about taking her is that we get in for free and her entry fee is cheaper than it would for either of us to go by ourselves. the pools are awesome with water cannons and lots of fun things going on. Abacus donned her cute red stripey bathing suit and danielle took her in. She was very still, a little wierded out by the whole thing but she seemed to enjoy herself for a short time. We'll definately take her out there again. On the way back we drove around the bays and saw the snow capped ranges around wellington and across the strait to the south island, we stopped at the maranui cafe and abacus slept peacefully while we ate our awesome lunch with perfectly cooked fries and probably the best shake ever, then she continued to sleep while i picked some stuff up from the office, she was so good.

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