Saturday, September 20, 2008

this week abacus' tummy time improved ten fold, almost over night. She's suddenly grunting in great effort to hoist herself up really far, she's really determined to do it.

We had a bit of bad news this week too. We had been planning to leave in November to volunteer in a village in panama for a few months, but unfortunately a huge disaster struck the remote village. Two dams failed during heavy rains and the river flooded and swept away a lot of the village ausig a lot of death and destruction. The brother of guy who we were communicating with, was also killed, he was to attend a university in US next year with sponsorship. It's a real tragedy, but we will be very eager to go and help in April, which is when they said it will be possible for us to go.  

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orella may said...

we hope that with this terrible news, comes great joy for your loved ones in the bay area A LONGER VISIT???

love you,