Sunday, September 28, 2008

sorry ?

WHOA!. so sorry for the grand time canyon which runs between this and the last blog. So what s Abacus been up to ? well, she got her passport! she looks chubba as in it, now we have to fill it with stamps from far off places. She continues to grow, and make subtle advances on her skills, she sort of gurgles a laugh now which is so cute, but what s not so cute is the few times when she's screamed for ages and we don't know how to calm her, today Danielle had about an hour of it before she finally exhausted herself and fell asleep. 

The other day she went for an 8 hour stay with our babysitter (Jenna), whose son Leo kept kissing her, before jenna realised it was because he heard kiss, whenever jenna said abacus. Unfortunately Abacus has stopped eating rice cereal, the first couple of nights she kind of ate it as though it  bottle, but she has since wised up to that trojan spoon and closes her mouth until we give her a bottle, we try again every now and then, she'll be ready soon. 

What we've been up to is assignments and work and applications, hence the sparce amount of news i've posted, we're just a little short on time. 

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