Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The heat has seeped back into the days. In fact, when we went to Myawaddy, which always seems hotter than Mae Sot, probably because of the large concentration of concrete and lack of awnings on the buildngs, and the fact that we usually arrive around lunch time when the sun shines at an angle perpendicular to the buildings, concentrating its full beam on us, like ants beneath a magnifying glass. We were baking, sweating, we had abacus dressed in just a onesy with her arms and legs bare. We got those condescending stares from the locals and then one smiled and pointed at Abacus, hugging himself in the universal pantomime for, "Freezing". Everyone around us was wearing thick jackets, some even had towels wrapped around their heads to keep the warmth from escaping.  

Abacus is desperate to crawl, she digs her feet into what ever surface she's on, bringing them right up under her belly, kicking back and forth on the spot. She's also grown a bit more hair, I know it's "a lot" more hair, but it's still so sparse it's hard to justify using the words. It's still so fine it changes colour under different light, but we think it might be blonde with a hint of red, sorry Abacus, I take full responsibility for the red contribution.  


Mr Wiggles said...

Go Abacus! Crawl that crawl! Mobility rocks.


Mr Wiggles said...

Though that pre-crawling foot/knee thing can easily send you backwards instead of forwards to start with.

So typical of life.

Anonymous said...

koens doing the backward crawl too! and sort of rotating on the spot like hes on a lazy susan!!

Anonymous said...

what dya mean sorry for the red?! You know Mum will be rapt - true Scots blood!