Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday was a very productive one for Abacus. She's rolling over and over now and looking when you call to her, sometimes. I dropped a facecloth on her face, mainly as a joke and she removed it promptly with her hand, which I didn't even know she could do, I kept doing it and she used both hands until she became bored with the game and started sucking her thumb through the facecloth. She's pretty far from sitting up still but we're really happy with the progess she's made, particularly with her vocalisations, which she has a wide range of now. She's also outgrown most of her clothes and is pretty smiley and happy.


Anonymous said...

true about her age sorry!!! i have always counted her as being 4weeks younger than zen!!!! i guess your only as young as you feel.... she is making awesome progress, especially with rolling over.....kinda sucks when that happens though cause you can no longer leave them unattended on a table...hehe. so she needs some new clothes when she returns home aye??? you guys are welcome to sleep on our couch too if you haven't sourced a home yet!!!! we even have a spare double bed that we could set up in our dinning room!!! will be good to see abacus again and see how she has grown... see you in a couple of weeks

Anonymous said...

if you guys want me to track your old landlord down and punch her face in just let me know.

ok. thanks.


tzschot said...

haha such good comments! Yeah at the moment she sleeps in bed with us, and now she can roll all over the place so we have to squash her up against the headboard and swaddle her good. It's crazy that she has been out almost 9 months, three more months and we've known her a whole year! But yeah when we introduce her as 9 months, everyone gives her that cocked head stare, and she gets enough of those as it is!
The letting agent was amazingly sympathetic,she said "I thought that might be the case", so I imagine the landlord had come off like a real dick. haha. what a weirdo,I have no idea what her beef was, so we hopefully have a house to come back to, and if not we'll share the couch!