Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last night we were going to dinner, when out of the twilight came a galloping horse and rider. It ran at full speed down the road through the traffic, quickly disappearing into the distance. 

This afternoon we visited a Wat, which is what Thai temples are called, when this Burmese guy came up to me holding a glass of bright green liquid, it looked like dishwashing liquid or antifreeze, he offered it to me in that respectful way of the Burmese, supporting the offering hand with their other hand, how could I refuse. He and Danielle both looked on, in amusement of different sorts, as I smiled my way through the entire cool syrupy beverage, which tasted of bubblegum, I thanked him gratiously of course, jesudembaiday, supporting my extended hand below the elbow with my left hand. Then left with my head swimming in sugar overdose.


Anonymous said...

scott, my email is fucked... i can only answer by placing a comment in the subject line... hope you guys are well, give abacus a big raspberry for me, zen lives at 9/20 thompson cook.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your email. i've found that happens with hotmail on google chrome but that it works fine with mozilla and explorer. but maybe it s a different problem. we're doing well, will give abacus a kiss for you, see you in about a month.

atmosphrericks said...

did you find out what the syrup was?
who was the rider?
do we find out who gets their just desserts, and who just gets dessert?

[ps. im really, really digging the style...]