Saturday, January 3, 2009

left overs

not a lot happened yesterday. we were exhausted from the lack of sleep. and when night came i was so exhausted i couldn't sleep, while abacus slept soundly.

Danielles tutoring session went well, she wants to bring the kid back to new zealand to study, but Burma doesn't issue passports to its citizens, except for ones with expirey dates as long as the persons applied for time. And these are only issued in special circumstances and they don't come cheap. But maybe there are other ways to help.

It's been a while since the racist dogs have bothered us, but a couple of days ago, one called the others to attention and they grouped to form their menacing racist gang, barking at us from accross the street, but fortunately I still had my trusty stick in Abacus pram, which I held at my side, it kept them at bay.

Also the elephant is still around, maybe it's always been around. We see it in odd places with its three human companions, it hangs out as though it is one of the guys. They more i see it the worse I feel for it. 

Burmese seem obsessed with nose bridges, when ever they see Abacus, they tell us to pinch her nose bridge - or lack of one - so that she will have a good nose, another tip is to push on the soft pallette, which somehow pops out the nose bridge. We've tried to explain her trisomy to people, danielles friends understand, as she had them read an article on it, but even when we've shown others online photos of asian kids with trisomy 21, they still don't understand and just pantomime once more, pinching the nose bridge. 

So I didn't think abacus needed milk in the night, that she was just waking up, so when she woke up at midnight, on cue for her feed, I gave her the dummy and after about 20 minutes or so she was asleep again, then she woke up about 3 hours later. So I tried to do the same again, but she wouldn't go to sleep - though she wasn't crying either, so I decided to just give her a bottle to put her to sleep. This however, didn't put her to sleep, in fact (as danielle put it) it only seemed to give her more energy, so that she was wide awake and talking loudly. The rest of the night was spent trying to keep her quiet until we finally decided to get up at 7:30. We are exhausted. And I feel bad because don't have the energy to play with her when she's smiley and full of energy, if only she could understand the paradox of her actions. 

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