Sunday, July 13, 2008

ah, fun with babies

Abacus loves getting out and about, whether it's in her stroller or being held, she just loves being on the move. Her stroller is like bed on wheels and reminds me of a scene in some michel gondry movie. When she's being held she loves seeing what's going on all around her, particularly above her. She also loves being comet girl - when she blasts off in standing position and flies around, the cutest part is how she moves her eyes in the direction of where she's going.

I finally put her mobile up but it still need some serious work. I need to add some high contrast to it to get her center surround receptive fields firing. It's way too light at the moment for her low spatial frequencies.

She's been playing a few practical jokes on people too. Well at least assisted us in playing some but she's a real good sport in them. Danielle and her were hiding from my niece Amelia the other day and then we heard Abacus' little noises give them away, then the next thing you just see Abacus head peak out from around the corner at adult eye level, it was pretty hilarious.

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