Thursday, July 10, 2008


Abacus has outgrown her first piece of clothing. Yay! Another milestone. Her head is fast approaching the other end of her wee crib, and her arms are reaching further through the bars, like alice in wonderland in that house scene. And so she is quickly growing into all of her newborn clothes, it seems as though the inundation of clothes we received early on will quickly run to a trickle.

Her neck control is getting so good. We give her a lot of "tummy time" and she is lifting her head and holding it for ages looking all around. The neurodevelopmental therapist also sent us some laminated black and white flash cards and she enjoys staring at them, especially the one of the cat.

Also last night she met her cousins for the first time and seemed to have a good time. She stayed up for ages with them.

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Anonymous said...

can you give pictures of the cards? i want to neurally develop. [nah, im just interested]