Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So firstly I just wanted to sat that Abacus is unbelievably cute. Even when she wakes up an hour early for her feed at 3am, it's hard to be annoyed, I won't say impossible - but very hard.

She's changed so much over the last couple of months. Her skin has lost that ethereal softly electrical raspberry texture and has become like real skin. She's also almost doubled in weight - today she was 2710grams, and grown about 9cm, from 40cm to, well, 49cm of course. She loves looking around, she likes looking up at lights with her wide eyes and seems very keen at observing everything around her.

Last night when I got home, she looked at me with a huge grin before burping loudly in my face and resuming a more disinterested look before turning her attention elsewhere.

She's getting good at gripping things too and being more aware of things that she can grab, like her bottle - or danielles hair.

She's pretty good at amusing herself, just lying there and looking around and making noises. But she also really likes to be held, which we might oblige too much - but we also really like holding her.

She's really good at feeding and is getting really fast at it now - which is helpful in those 3am situations. She's reasonably good at going back to sleep for hours afterwards at night, or a couple of hours in the day with a bit of time pencilled in for looking around and gurgling.

She also seems interested in foreign languages- which is probably something to do with a little thing called "novelty preference".

She also likes cafes, where her prefered drink is milk, I like how she just wakes up in random places and is completely unfazed by it. I also like how she's 2 months old but looks 2 days old, and people are wierded out by how we're so comfortable at taking her around places.

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