Monday, July 7, 2008

The visiting neurodevelopmental therapist

Remember when you could just go to bed when you wanted and get up when you felt like it ? I vaguely do.

Yesterday Michelle, the Visiting neurodevelopmental therapist came. She didn't stay long, it was more like a formal introduction, she took a few notes about whether Abacus was attending to voices or was she observing things visually, did she makes noises? did she cry ever? (some babies don't) and so on. She said the exercises we've been doing with her are really good and just to keep doing them, especially "tummy time". Abacus pretty much slept through the whole thing so we didn't do any tests or anything. She's going to send us some black and white graphic images on flash cards to have Abacus observe. And then she left and said she would visit pretty much monthly, depending on Abacus' progress. For now she's just observing to see whether there is slow development and then we'll see what needs to be done.

She seemed really nice (too).

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j. atmos phrericks said...

nice to see the "abacus' parents" bit. sorry for being so picky... its all in the interests of better blogmanship.