Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This morning we returned for our follow up audiology exam.
We had instructions to arrive at 830am and feed her and get her relaxed so that he could do all of his tests.

Unfortunately Abacus had decided to wake up early for her morning feed and so we were not really looking forward to getting up to get there by 830. But we made it.

When we got into the hospital Abacus started looking up at all the lights down the corridors and seemed really interested in where we were.

We took her back into the room where she had her photoshoot and he scrubbed down her head to put on the electrodes, which she HATED, but the solution he used smelled like maple doughnuts, which was nice. Then we had to feed her and swaddle her so that she would go to sleep. It didn't take long at all for her to nod off, she spent a bit of time trying to fight sleep off but it finally overpowered her.

And so

the doctor - who loves babies, and I'm sure must have a million - attached all the electrodes, which looked like the crown of some futuristic buddhist ruler and stuck something in her ear. The piece in the ear sends a signal, which creates a steady and controllable charge of neuro- impulses which are detected by the eletcrode crown and interpreted by computer.

The doctor had to run back and forth between us and his other patients - but we were relieved when he said "Her hearing is normal and there's absolutely nothing to worry about". Yay! Another one checked off the list.

Apparently downs kids can be more susceptible to glue ear and ear infections (glue ear is a build up of fluid behind the ear drum and can be caused from colds - and can incidentally be as common, it is in part influenced by undeveloped passage ways between the throat and ears) we just need to keep an eye on her. He also gave us some pamphlets on how to work with her in terms of speech and give her good a head start in developing skills which might be a bit harder for her to pick up.

So it was a really possitive experience.

Then we returned to the Neonates ward.

I'd forgotten the heat - and also how it effects peoples breath, which I noticed almost immediately. We were here ironically for our homecare visit - whcih we thought we may as well do in the hospital while we were there.

Danielle first borrowed a couple of books on downs syndrome from the neo nates store, where the store owner remembered us well as she loves Abacus. We had to wait a while in the waiting room where we could hear a distraught mother crying and I soon remembered the reality of the neonates ward.

Veree was very impressed by Abacus' growth and progress and skills and how she's gotten chubby and even more cute. She had to take some blood, but Abacus is used to that - it didn't flow so easilly - as she has more fat in her heel now. Haha. Hopefully it was a good enough sample - though I'm pretty sure there's not much more to find in there.

Afterwards we realised our parking permit was only good to allow us parking in the out-patients car park - but wasn't free????? What the hell? So - yes - we got another $45 fine. I'm about sick of this carpark.

Abacus was so good through all of it. So patient and content with all the prodding poking and testing.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome news!

Jodi said...

YAY I am so glad that Abacus can hear!! That is great news! It must of been her reward for participating so nicely in the photoshoot!