Thursday, October 2, 2008


abacus really wants to suck her thumb, she s getting pretty good at it but it's still to small to replace her beloved dummy, usually she just shoves as many fingers as she can in there. We think she's been having a growth spurt lately which has disrupted her sleeping at night, and her getting to sleep, she gets over tired and cries a lot  and ends up smacking herself in the face which makes her cry more, all we can do is try to soothe and comfort her. But she makes up for it by being super cute the rest of the time. Oh yeah, she also love getting up at 6am, she's not hungry or anything, she just wants to be up, and t's not enough just to lay in the bed with us, despite the fact she can only lay down whereever she is, she knows the difference between laying on our bed and laying out in the living room, where she kicks excitedly and gurgles happilly knowing that she's succeeded in dragging us from our cosy slumber (this is usually after waking up at about 3am to eat tee hee) - no that's not exactly true, i can lay her down with her baby gym next to our bed and go back to sleep while she gets on to the business of pulling and grabbing and sucking her baby toys, quite contentedly. 

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