Sunday, June 29, 2008

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You would think people might think a parent might feel more vulnerable to random strangers when they are holding a tiny baby who looks little more than a day old. Instead a baby becomes an open invitaton for anyone to talk to you about the most intimate of personal details. Asking if it was a natural birth etc, what do they want to hear ? What do they get out of hearing that information ? I'm almost creeped out enough by complete strangers who smile at us. What is it about other peoples babies, that makes people smile?

Another thing is, if you are walking around with a baby and you're a guy and you're walking with a male friend, people just assume you're gay dads, not that i'm offended by that but I am by the looks some people give you. They've created an idea themselves that they can't handle or that makes them uncomfortable, even though it is in no way represented by the reality of what they're actually seeing. Dick's.


guybroadley said...

Hi Scott and Danielle,


What an amazing few weeks. Reading this reminds me of a letter I still have in the filing cabinet (I think) written to a cat in Perth in 1985. The writing has come on a bit since then but the potential was obvious!

abacus looks as if she is making huge strides. She is already obviously filling up your life with joy and that won't stop because it is such a two-way street and you two are just bubbling.

Beware the Shadows!

We shall catch up.

Guy and Kathy

Anonymous said...

ooh, italics..,

I'm a steal that.

is it also like dargeeling limited where he says that thing?