Sunday, October 5, 2008

the apples and pears to heaven

Abacus is eating pears now and she likes it way more than rice cereal. She was supposed to go for her first sleep over on saturday night with a baby named Zen, but she was acting a bit strange, crying a lot, sleeping an hour here and there, and needing a lot of cuddles so we weren't sure what was going on, if she were teething or if she had caught something, so we had to call it off, but something fun came out of it, because we found out that Zen had had the same problem with rice cereal as Abacus did, and that he preferred vanilla custard instead - hehe. we hapened to have some pear babyfood in the pantry (which actually wasn't bought for Abacus) and so we tried it out on her and she seemed to enjoy it, she ate every last bit, well you know tongued it and swallowed and didn't cry about it which means -  good! and so now we bought a bunch of apples and pears and have been giving her them as an accompaniment to her milk. Also on sunday -  she's probably been able to do this a while but Danielle just gave it her on sunday - she was holding a rattle and shaking it round, with the occasional bop on the head, but no tears. It was pretty cute. (see photos)

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