Tuesday, October 14, 2008

last week abacus and I accompanied danielle to her award ceremony at university where she was awarded an outstanding volunteer certificate, yay! that was a day after she was accepted into the masters program for international relations, it was a pretty awesome week. We then decided that because we couldn't go to panama this summer that we would take the opportunity offered by danielle's victoria international leadership program to help burmese refugees on the border of Thailand and Burma. It sounds like an amazing experience and as we are already familiar with Thailand we think it'll be a really good introduction to traveling with Abacus.

Then on saturday Abacus had her sleep over which had been deferred from last week. She had a really good time, and slept really well. She spent all morning there too, hanging out with Zen and Reiden and Kaysey, while we slept, waking up once in the middle of the night with a minor hit of disorientation, before realising I could just go back to sleep. It was really good to see her again the next day and we had both missed her.

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