Thursday, October 16, 2008

i have the chessiest most unoriginal way to put abacus to sleep. you just say shhhhhhh shhhhhh over and over and watch her eyelids slowly drop, it's like hypnosis, suspense that ends with falling asleep. how oxymoronic. she just gets more and more animated, she loves being on the move all the time and doesn't care to much for being still. she's getting better at eating her pears and apples, though i think she likes pears more. she's been eating lot s of milk too and has outgrown her crib so now we've made up a makeshift bed which will have to do until we get a bigger place on our return from thailand.
for thailand we have a travel playcrib thing, which folds up like a tent - complete with mosquito net. it's going to be sooooo hot there and humid so we'll have to watch her fluids and see how she reacts.

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Anonymous said...

that sshhh thing works for koen too! who would have thought!! k.