Wednesday, October 22, 2008

up till now

hrm. well what's happened. 

well we're nearing I think 6 months of interrupted sleep cycles, which has left me feeling a little like a CIA interrogation victim, ask me anything and I'll tell you.

but abacus is so worth it. a few weeks ago her hands found each other and now she's constantly clutching them together as though she has some plan she is hatching. And she gets a huge gummy smile, especially when you dance her around, she talks a lot, mainly in the mornings, but she also quietly talks herself to sleep, you hear her in the darkness making soft noises and then suddenly silence.

She is 5.5kg's so has gained a really really good amount of weight since she was born, and she is growing long too, she's so baby sized now, i feel as though we were given an extra amount of time with her, we got to know her as a fetus, and now as a baby, but I can already see she will not be a baby for long. 

Danielle got her a bouncenette, it's a strap in chair one, and she seems to really enjoy sitting up, she always has, really, almost as much as she likes being walked around. I think she will be quite determined to get mobile as soon as she can.

She loves eating too. We've given her pears and apples and mangos and avacado and she loves it all, she's getting much better at opening her mouth for the spoon and biting down on it. 

more later

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