Friday, May 16, 2008


Danielle was discharged on sunday, we had contemplated staying in, but in the end decided it was best to just get on with things, anything else was just delaying the inevitable. We had three weeks of school left and it would be dumb not to finish.

The last few nights in hospital, our hours of sleep were notched off as the hours between bottles of milk, with tags marking the two hourly expressing sessions, and we would go down for abacus' cares every four hours.

there were a lot of visitors over the weekend which was cool, at times a bit overwhelming, but we just had to not feel like we had to "entertain", other wise I probably would have malfunctioned. Our flat was akin to a marai on saturday night with the floor littered with bodies (glad i wasn't there) which I guess was fitting as we had hangi for dinner (we kept busting danielle out of hospital for dinner, one night the hospital food was some chicken, egg and glue combo)

It was odd to be away from abacus. Unable to just go see her when ever we wanted. She was not even a week old and already didn't need us.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on having home.

your blog is eloquent. thanks for sharing your internals on, too.