Monday, May 26, 2008

look mum no cords

They unplugged Abacus so we can change her now without getting wires all tangled and carry her around like a portable. She just has a monitor underneath her which you have to remember to turn off when you take her out or a really loud siren goes off (twice) and nurses get a bit freaked out. They took out her feeding tube too because she's feeding really well at the moment - it's the last step before she comes home - which should be within a few days!!!
Danielle is staying at the hospital in a room around the corner from the neonate ward, the corridor to which looks like some 70's drab hotel, complete with crappy floral paintings hung on the wall. But the bed is really comfortable. She feeds Abacus every 4 hours, so nights are pretty interrupted.

So it won't be long before she is in our little flat with us.

Tonight we are giving her a bath.

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