Monday, May 26, 2008

first bath

so we gave abacus her first bath last night. first we had to wrap her tight in a towel so she looked like a giant kebab with a head sticking out of the end (see photostreamfor funniest photo ever) and washed her face. (actually she's not that much bigger than a kebab) Then we put her in completely, and she loved it. She looked as calm as a meditative monk, just floating and moving around as much as she could. Then we dressed her in green and yellow.

she's lost a bit of weight now that she's started feeding without the tube, but that was expected. Hopefully her weight will pick up again soon. Danielle has been madly rushing from hospital to school and back to avoid them having to put the ng tube down her nose again.

Oh yeah, and i got insurance on my lost camera. Yhuss!

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