Saturday, May 3, 2008

neonates and kath and kim

and so the doctors came around today, and it seems a bit less likely that the induction will occur on monday, but definitely not out of the picture. What they'll do is another scan on monday morning, and if things haven't deteriorated they'll keep monitoring for another few days and do another scan, repeat, they won't induce unless it's absolutely necessary, so there could be a lot of time spent in hospital.

in the TV room there's a bunch of videos, one says "breastfeeding 3 hours" another is "breastfeeding for twins" - is that twice as long or half as short ? anyway, we watched one about cesarean s from the 80s, with these trashy as australians, so it was informative in a kath and kim sort of way.

In the afternoon we went on a tour of the neonate ward. The waiting room walls were filled with the photo stories of former preemies who had grown into strong regular babies, they were as premature as 17 weeks, so we felt a lot more at ease, with abacus being what they keep referring to is the "target 32 weeks". A nice doctor spent a lot of time with us, she talked a million miles an hour and familiarized us with all the incubators and machines and teeny babies and made everything look benign and purposeful. The ward was bustling and stuffy, filled with beeping machines and concerned visitors and parents, and doctors and nurses. We may spend weeks in there so it was good to make sense of it before hand. Some of the babies were so small, with tiny fingers, and limbs and heads, but they were watched over and looked after, and they'll all be adults one day.

And so another day .

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Anonymous said...

it seems like you have an awesome group me people helping you out. best of luck for monday. much peace.