Wednesday, May 14, 2008

there are rules

neo nates have strict rules.

1 visitor at a time accompanied by a parent (a parent of the baby - not your own parent) grandmas are really good at breaking these rules, somehow there is just some overpowering gravitational force from babies which lure them in, in some hypnotic reverie, i don't even know if they realise they're walking in or just sort of find themselves standing next to the incubator.

anyway, the nurses bent the rules at one stage so that abacus had about 6 or 7 people surrounding her because she's so awesome with such awesome friends.

you also have to wash your hands thoroughly before coming in. i noticed in the bathroom at uni later that i had spent about 5 minutes washing my hands like a surgeon.

at night time there is a banquet table for the nurses in the corridor of chocolate and chips and m&ms etc etc it looks not unlike a kids birthday party. they work 12 our shifts 7-7 and have 4 days off.

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