Saturday, May 3, 2008

Whanau Services

Still on Friday - but I thought I should break up that saga. When Danielle was a student at the hospital, she met a guy named Heta, a former orderly who ended up being asked to run the whanau service, which is social support for maori patients, basically because he's a really good dude and a hardcase who gets on with everyone. And so danielle requested Whanau services when she checked in.

A little while later the admin guy (who's really nice - everyone is SO nice) comes around asking if she knew what whanau services was, and that it was for maori and pacific islanders and did we fit under that category? - looking at us both, a little perplexed - so danielle explained how she liked the holistic approach of whanau services, how they just chat with you, without a notepad, or monitoring equipment, just see how you're doing - and so the admin guy says that's choice and he'll see if he can set it up,

a few minutes later Heta and this woman turn up, and he remembers danielle, and says her baby is tangata whenua and they'd be happy to come by and chat next week. sweet!

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Good for people to know.