Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the professional

abacus surpassed 1700g ! she's getting a bit better at feeding now, you just have to catch her when she's awake in her zen like state - see photos - she'll suck a few times and then kind of get distracted or sleepy, but she's definately being more persistent - she better not get too good too fast or she'll come home before we move! but mostly she feeds through the tube in her nose - i wish i could feed through a tube in my nose while i slept - she pulled it out midfeed the other day, so now it's taped on tight.

my new camera came already - in matte black - so there's new photos up.

also. about the house, there are catalogues for kitchen sinks and fixtures, and there's one fixture called "the professional" - hrm, when you think in terms of a professional dishwasher it doesn't seem that flash, and I'm sure it would be out of price range for someone who actually held that title.

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