Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a house

we left our mums/moms to take care of each other and when they showed up they had decided they were going to buy us a house.


Someone was doing an echo monitor when we arrived to see abacus, a heart test with a sonogram, as there are defects associated with downs syndrome. so far though her heart is looking strong, so there shouldn't be any massive problems.

danielle started to express (i love that it's called expressing) using a breast pump, we got 5mls by syringe in the morning, which we were stoked with, then got about 50mls with the breast pump later! and then like 100mls and suddenly we had a massive surplus that needed to be frozen.

these days are a bit blurry written so far on. i know every day was getting a wee bit easier, there were still a few tears and a disbelieving feeling, but we weren't alone and that was important.

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