Sunday, May 4, 2008

"to hell with the test!"

haha. everyone has been really supportive of us, I emailed my lecturer, (an old guy who reminds me of the professor from Futurama) to tell him I'll miss the test on monday and he said "To hell with the test, you've got more important things to worry about" hehe. cute.

So I confused things a little yesterday - instead of saying "it seems less likely it'll happen on monday" I should have said "there's now also the possibility of it happening later" but it's nice to know people are reading this! We won't really have a clue about what's happening until tomorrow morning, we don't even know what time tomorrow morning we'll know. What we do know, is that it's a matter of weighing up whether its best to leave her in or take her out, and the decision will not be made lightly. Danielle wants it to be tomorrow because the menu tomorrow night sucks. hehe. Now that the wheels are set in motion, we're just looking forward to it.

We had heaps of visitors today which was really nice. Danielle has soooooo much food now. And is fully hooked up with internet and everything.

It's kind of weird how abacus seems to have this personality when she's inside, you can somehow imagine her as consciously making her movements, but it will be absent when she is here, until she has mastered her new environment. that's all for today. tomorrow will be newsy

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