Monday, May 5, 2008

SURPRISE! oh, and . . . SURPRISE!

so the doctor came by soon after the scan this morning, and told us it was time to get things moving. He said they would start an induction this morning and abacus should be here this afternoon, he just needed to check with his consultant. So we start calling people like midwives and stuff and then a bit later he came back and told us that due to danielles not being ready for labour, nor her body never having had experienced it, it was for the best that Abacus be delivered by epidural cesarean , and that as the neonate ward is full, due to 2 deliveries of premature twins, it would be best to do it tomorrow.

And so everything changed again. And now we know exactly what's happening we just have to wait for it. A little in limbo, like pausing time right before something is about to happen, while knowing that the time elapsing will do nothing to prepare you or educate you for what is going to happen when you unpause. I think in a couple of days from now, when everything has settled down into some sort of consistency, I'm going to sleep like a hibernating bear.

The whanau group came by and brought by a pastor pimped out with a huge iced out cross. hahaha. They did a karakea, holding hands in a circle around danielle, which was nice. she liked how it was like a tribal ritual for birth, with an element of babylon 5.

The anesthetist came by and explained what would happen during the operation tomorrow, she said people described a cesarean with epidural as feeling like someone is washing dishes in you. hmmm.

They monitored abacus a lot of the day, she's still doing well. And Danielle is doing amazingly. So we just have to try and sleep tonight. When they kick the visitors out at night, a voice comes over the loud speaker that says "if you are not a woman or baby in our care can you please leave" do they really have to tell the babies they can stay ?

( last night i was setting up a flickr account for abacus that would be just of her photos, I put in her date of birth, and a bubble came up that said "are you really from the future?" haha. yes! )

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