Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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So who knows when abacus will be home? Do you know? Her jaundice levels went up again, but nothing to worry about, she's just getting used to chuggin' so much milk. It gave me an opportunity to take some photos with her goggles on which had missed out on previously.

We're still living at the hospital, there are people who have been living there for months, we won't be there that long, but no one can really give us an estimated discharge time. She needs to be good at feeding and putting on weight and so she's feeding well, really really well, but the energy exerted takes off weight and the amount of milk is causing jaundice.

They put an NG tube back in, in the hope of getting her weight up, but i'm skeptical that it will lead to her being discharged under a false pretence with a greater chance of re-addmission - but they say that won't happen. It would just be nice to know some concrete things - but after all this I don't know why I still cling to the idea that things can be predicted. Still trying to swim to the side of the torrent and find our own direction, the current will ease soon.

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Anonymous said...

i predict 5 more days...