Wednesday, May 14, 2008


we busted danielle out for dinner that night. we went to chow. and leaving the hospital i saw a guy sniffing glue and i got angry that there's all these people with every physical capability that do such stupid things. and all the stupid people who have perfect babies. and all the accidental pregnancies that turn out so well.

and at the restaurant, looking around at all the people, i wondered how abacus would fit in, how we would fit in with her.

we checked back into the hospital and woke every couple of hours to express a few mls of milk and take it down to her and change her, which in the neo nates ward is refered to as "cares".

We had some good cuddles "skin to skin" or "kangaroo cuddles" with abacus, which is good for a multitude of things - as i learned last year in my neuroscience class - yay. It's when she is on you that you realise how tiny she is.

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