Wednesday, June 25, 2008

40 weeks

The bonus round is over we were told today, as Abacus celebrated her full term day, alas she is no longer fetus, they grow up so fast don't they. She spent a day out and about having breakfast with friends and going to the library and to the office, then, in honour of the end of her third trimester we wanted to have her weighed.

So we drove out to Plunket and they were only too happy to weigh her. Except Abacus had exploded in her pants so badly we had to borrow a bunch clothes to get her home in after emptying almost a whole tube of baby wipes.

So her official full term weight is 2.44Kg, a little over 5 pounds.

So now she's officially a baby. And exhausted after her big day of walking and driving around the city.


Anonymous said...

good work, you three... congratulations.

nathan said...

this is nathan

nathan said...

ha, it worked - can't wait to see you guys.

kathryn said...