Saturday, June 14, 2008

formula 1

Abacus put on 150 grams to make her total weight 2125, I'm not surprised as she has become a hungry hungry hippy. On friday night she wouldn't sleep because she was hungry, and cried a lot of the night, and there was not much we could do because we didn't have enough milk supply and no formula - so it was frustrating and we didn't get much sleep at all, she definately wouldn't sleep in her bed, but she would sleep on my chest so I managed to sleep on my back for the last hour and a half before the stores opened.

When we finally got the formula she chugged 75mls of it, a few hours later she had some more and that's when the homecare came to weigh her, which isn't so good when she's just eaten, but the fact that she'd filled her nappy from the first lot of formula balanced things out - formula shit is a lot different from breast milk shit - and not for the better.

The addition of formula to our lives has eased the pressure of milk supply a lot and apart for a wee bit of a blocked nose (which paradoxically puts her to sleep while feeding and keeps her awake when sleeping) Abacus is finding sleeping a lot easier. Last night though on her 4am feed, when everything seemed like it would run like clock work, we had an emergency change when the formula shit managed to explode through the nappy and over all of her clothes, but it's a consistent model throughout time and nature that the addition of a solution will cause a problem somewhere else. But she's doing pretty well considering she's still technically a foetus (fetus).

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