Monday, June 16, 2008


Abacus had her 6 week shots this week, even though she's still a foetus. It was her first visit to her GP and he was a really nice Dr. At first we were not going to mention that she was trisomy 21 because we didn't want him to make his opinions judged on his preconceived ideas of her condition, but we couldn't hold out long enough and had to tell him when he checked her ears - as Down Syndrome babies ear canals are usually narrower than normal. He did a few checks but most had been done many times before in neonates, as he pointed out, but of the checks he did she was sweet.

Then down to wait for the nurse to shoot her up. I was really nervous, we both were. She screamed pretty badly when the needle went in - but only for a couple of seconds, then she was happily sucking on her pacifier. Then the next leg was the same. We gave her a feed afterwards, which she downed really fast - and the nurse was hella impressed. Then she had to have the sticking plasters taken off, that happened all the time in neonates and she HATES it! But she only ever cries for a second or so and then is calm again.

And it was all free - even our prescription. Yay public health - even if the clinic looks a bit crap and there's patients across the spectrum from new born to elderly, from professional to homeless looking - ah, public health, like a public toilet but with medicine.

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