Monday, June 9, 2008

getting forward to normal

at night abacus grunts and snorts and sucks like a foraging little hedgehog it's amazing how loud it can be. She's seen, heard and smelled quite a bit in the last couple of days compared to a month of white walls and lights and beeps and antiseptic atmosphere. She's been for car rides and walks around bundled up in a parcel of wool like an arm load of laundry - this is against "the rules" according to those who discharged her - but we're pretty sick of hospital rules, and it's not like we're going to do anything negligent. She's been really good though at waking four hourly for feeds at night and going to sleep afterwards.

It's been so much easier to not be stuck between different worlds and this feels like our life together is starting now.

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Anonymous said...

it sucks that the system is so crap. but its good that some people have ears.

it sounds complicated.