Thursday, June 26, 2008

not THE abacus?!

So today we returned to the hospital for a hearing check. Apparently hearing problems can be common with trisomy 21. So we go with the doctor and this photographer and this other lady and apparently they're doing a photo shoot to promote hearing checks and the need a photo with a baby having it done. And so Danielle said how Abacus is Trisomy 21, and the lady asks, what's her name?


Abacus? I know Abacus I read her blog!

Apparently she works with a girl I used to go to design school with. And so she was wrapped to finally meet her. She's so famous now. So they took a bunch of photos of Abacus with her wires all over her head with us watching lovingly over her - they said it was rare to get both mother and father so that should hopefully help her chances of scoring the modeling deal. hehe. Unfortunately she was hiding her face through the shoot, but fortunately the back of her head is cute too.

After they'd taken a million photos of the staged hearing test, we went through for the real one, where they put something in her ear that was attached to the computer- and i did mean to research this before i wrote the blog but i didn't have time - so they put this thing in her ear and somehow measure her hearing ability. Unfortunately the test was inconclusive, so we have to come back in a week, they say 15-20% of the tests are inconclusive and only1% of them might actually have impaired hearing, so we'll see.

The doctor was really nice and really good with kids. He made funny noises to both test her hearing and calm her down, Danielle wondered if that was part of their training. And the guys from learning media doing the brochure were really nice too, and I'm sorry I didn't get your names if you're reading this.

And then once more after our free hospital care we paid for our parking in the infamous carpark. But next time we have a free permit. Yay!


Anonymous said...

haha, cute.

it's great that people read it. its a fantastic voyage, an inner journey with outward rewards. a delve into the deep...

...and also, good to hear how you're going.

Jodi said...

Hehehe I am a blog stalker! Hi Scott it is Jodi (the girl form design school tee hee) I have been reading your wonderful blog and oohing and aahing over beautiful abacus... and as you know, I have been sharing your families story with close friends. I am so glad Liz from work got to meet abacus, and hope we can make her even more famous in one of the brochures. I hope I get to meet her one day too. She seems like an absolute darling.

Best wishes from me and Liz!

Susan Harper said...

We just heard of Abacus's arrival! Iris was very excited to see Abacus's pictures today and wants to give Abacus some of her baby stuff.

I've horrible flu at the moment and mostly am sleeping instead of doing any email. We're supposed to be going to Auckland next week but we very much look forward to meeting Abacus.

Lovely blog.