Sunday, June 22, 2008

stop the rollercoaster! - oh it's stopped

whoa. how much more intense can it get ? this morning i went to check my exam time online, for my exam tomorrow, and found it was already underway - i'd got the day wrong!!! so following danielles advice I phoned Celia, the woman who had helped with our enquiries about agrotats a few weeks ago, and who was also in charge of late exams and stuff AND who was a big fan of abacus. She said come in now and do it.
And so mentally unprepared i went in and did it, and maybe it helped that i hadn't had the last few hours to stress about it, or maybe the peripheral stress overrode my exam nerves, but i felt somewhat calm about the exam - just a little bewildered at how crazy everything has been lately.

incidentally when we did go to see about having a comment put on our grades that our mark was impaired due to our situation - they said we shouldn't and it was actually seen as a weak point to have a comment on your academic record - even though they offer it - why would they? they said it's best just to explain the grades when it comes time to apply for masters. it's a harsh cold academic world.

suddenly a million burdens seem lifted at once. what do i do now ? what do people do again ?

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