Tuesday, June 17, 2008

good news !

So they quashed all our parking fines - the whole shebang - $135! And not only that but the homecare team came around yesterday with some hand me downs from some other baby and a whole unopened pack of nappies - hooked up!

Abacus was a bit not herself last night after all the shots and wanted a lot of hugs and milk and then she slept in this morning - but she was supposed to wake me up for work! She's had a bit of a blocked nose recently but this morning when she woke up her nose had cleared a lot, maybe that's why she slept longer.

Sometimes it s a bit wierd to have a baby. Like I go into the room to get something and then see her sleeping in her cot and I'm like - oh yeah, we have a baby now. And I don't really feel like a dad, I don't feel I have changed at all, I'm just the same but now there's a new person in my life who I have to look after and I feel fortunate to be her guardian - but I don't feel like I'm her "father", she's just this cool little person with her own business going on.

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