Friday, June 13, 2008

Marion's on the case

So Marion Hobbs loved Abacus and is going to see what she can do. Yay! I hope she kicks some ass for us. Did anything else happen today ? She had a busy day with Danielle doing groceries and library runs seeing her local MP - her first political experience. We're just getting used to being all together by ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott! This is Danielle's friend Jaqui (I met you in San Francisco last year). Zoe directed me to this blog and I just read the whole thing! Thank you so much for posting all these updates- it's so great to be able to hear how Danielle and Abacus are doing. I can't believe the ordeal you guys had to go through but I'm so happy to hear that Abacus is doing well and that the family is back at home. Abacus is so lucky to have such warm, loving parents. The pictures are absolutely adorable- they almost made me cry! Please send Danielle and Abacus my love, and tell Danielle that I'm so proud of her for being strong and I miss her dearly!