Monday, June 16, 2008

don't mention the house

So as far as I can see we're not getting a house. The analogy for the whole situation as I see it is like we were on one of those "reality" TV shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, where a family suffers a tragedy and then the TV show builds them a new house to make their lives a wee bit easier, a graciously noble act.

Only . . .

in our episode what happened was the TV show spent too much and the only way for the family to live in it was to pay more rent, which they couldn't afford. The other option was for them to pay the same amount of rent but live with a bunch of strangers - as none of their friends could afford that kind of rent either - which they didn't really like the idea of as they have a new born baby. And so a deal was struck, the family would rent 2 rooms and one stranger would rent a room and an office, to limit the amount of discomfort. But then the show retracted the deal and said the only solution seemed to be for the house to be rented out to a bunch of people who could afford the full rent, and for the family, who had already suffered through intense emotional stress and loss, to stay put in their old house with only the remnants of a fleeting dream about living in their own house, which will be sold in a few years for a profit - as it was a "good investment" for the show.

And that's putting it as inoffensively as I could.

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