Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a formal complaint

ok so three parking tickets now - and the last two aren't our fault. The first, we'd asked the a guy who worked for the carpark if we could park in the upper carpark with a ticket from the lower one and he said he was pretty sure we could, the next morning we owed another $45. Then they ticketed us again for not "properly displaying the display ticket" which was on the dashboard in plain sight of anyone with average vision!!! That's another $45. We're hella confused why there is a private carpark operating at a public hospital, where people are coming to be treated or visit those who are. We are about to start writing letters. It's bad enough worrying about remembering to update our parking every 12 hours, let alone worrying that it's a lottery even if we have a properly displayed valid ticket - a lottery you can only lose.

I feel like the more you participate in normal everyday activities the worse your life becomes, the tighter the noose of the laws and the pirates - give me my bicycle and my peace of mind.

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